• Nov 02 2017

    Feline & Canine Diabetes

    What is Diabetes? Diabetes is when your pet’s body either cannot produce enough insulin, or its body doesn’t allow it to use insulin properly. Causes Genetics – Diabetes can be…

  • Oct 23 2017

    Keeping Your Pets Safe this Halloween!

    Halloween is fun for everyone, but did you know that you could be risking your pet’s health in the process? Listed below are a few things to avoid this Halloween….

  • Oct 20 2017

    Toxicity in Animals

    This article is inspired by a recent 4-H Vet club talk. It’s the dose that makes the poison and anything can become toxic.  Something seemingly safe like water has a…

  • Jul 25 2017

    Keeping Your Pet Cool with Indoor Games

    Here are some suggestions that Dr. Justine has explored with her own pets: Play a game of “find it” – hide a favourite toy or treat somewhere in the house…

  • Jun 27 2017

    Coventry Animal Hospital Talks About Play Habits of Cats

    Cats in the wild are both predator and prey species. They rest a lot in hiding spots or elevated places between hunting for multiple mouse-sized meals throughout the day and…

  • Jun 22 2017

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    Coventry Animal Hospital asks, “Do You Know What Zoonoses is?”

    Zoonoses: animal diseases that can be transmitted to people Is zoonoses the sinister side of pet ownership? There are countless diseases that humans can contract from their pets and here…

  • May 18 2017

    Microchipping Works

    Here is a recent heart-warming story of a cat being reunited with its owner 4 years after they became separated. The unlikely reunion was possible thanks to the microchip implant…

  • Apr 25 2017

    Coventry Animal Hospital Talks About Heartworm Prevention – Part 2

    Heartworm prevention is far safer and cost-effective than treating a dog that is ill from a high burden of heartworm. Treatment of heartworm is potentially dangerous and painful for a…

  • Apr 20 2017

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    Coventry Animal Hospital Discusses Heartworm – Part 1

    Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) is a parasitic worm that lives in the heart and lungs of a dog.  Heartworm is transmitted to dogs though the bite of a single mosquito that…

  • Apr 10 2017

    Coventry Animal Hospital Disccusses Potential Easter Toxins

    Easter is on its way and along with it comes lots of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and family dinners.  Unfortunately with this celebration, Coventry Animal Hospital sees many pets exposed to…