We always welcome new clients and patients to Coventry Animal Hospital in Stratford.  We know you will be very happy with our services.

Please see the What to Expect section and take a tour of our hospital, then contact us.

We look forward to renewing old friends and making new ones!

What to Expect

As a new client of Coventry Animal Hospital, you can expect our full attention to your pets’ needs. Our service will be provided with courtesy and respect. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted warmly, and we will usher you into an examination room as soon as we have one available. Our goal is to see all of our clients and patients on time, and although we have contingencies for emergencies, there will be times where the unexpected will create delays. We will ensure these are minimized as much as possible.

You will normally see a registered veterinary technician first who will take a history, and gather some information for the doctor. A veterinarian will see you next, examine your pet, answer your questions and plan further diagnostics or treatment as necessary. Our client care specialists will handle billing and schedule any needed follow up.

Take a Tour

Your trusted Stratford veterinarian since 1993!

Coventry Animal Hospital has been operating since 1993. We provide a variety of veterinary medical services for dogs and cats in Stratford and surrounding areas.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our practice by clicking on the images below.

Questions? Give us a call at 519-273-3471 – we’re happy to help!

Hospital Policies

Appointment Policy

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. This minimizes wait times, and allows us to plan your visit with the utmost care and attention. We will do our best to accommodate day, time and veterinarian preferences.

Emergency cases will always receive top priority followed by patients with previously scheduled appointments.

As of August 13, 2021 – Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 24 hours notice. Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice, will incur a fee of $30.

Arrival (Cats and Dogs) Policy

For you and your pet’s protection, all dogs must be on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area or exam rooms.

All cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier or on a leash.

Grooming Policy

All pets being admitted to our hospital for grooming must be up to date with their vaccines.

  • Dogs – distemper(DHPP), rabies and kennel cough
  • Cats – distemper(FVRCP) and rabies

Payment Policy:

We require full payment each time a service is rendered. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, debit card, cash, and Pay Bright Financial Services*.

* Please ask our receptionists for details on applying for a payment plan through Pay Bright Financial Services.

Accessibility Policy:

We are committed to using reasonable efforts to ensure that our policies, practices and procedures are consistent in providing customer service to everyone, including people with disabilities giving those people the same opportunity to access our goods and services and allowing them to benefit from the same services, in the same place and in a similar way as all other customers.  Comments on our services regarding how well your expectations are being met are always welcomed and appreciated.

Privacy Policy

Coventry Animal Hospital shall safeguard and protect personal information under its control by implementing security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

Coventry Animal Hospital shall ensure that its employees keep all personal information confidential and comply with the security standards established by this veterinary facility.

Coventry Animal Hospital shall require third parties to whom personal information is disclosed to commit to an appropriate level of security (which may include execution of a confidentiality covenant) in protection of such information to satisfy the standards established by this veterinary facility.

On the disposal or destruction of personal information, Coventry Animal Hospital shall take the necessary precautions to prevent third parties from accessing such information and to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

Vaccination Policy

All pets being admitted to our hospital for any elective procedures such as surgery, grooming or boarding must be up to date with their vaccines.

  • Dogs – distemper(DHPP), rabies and kennel cough
  • Cats – distemper(FVRCP) and rabies

If not current, the vaccines must be brought up to date at least two weeks prior to any elective procedures being performed.

Other requirements

We ask that all pets staying with us be treated for fleas prior to admission. Should fleas be found after your pet has been admitted, our staff may treat your pet in order to protect other animals from acquiring fleas during their stay. This will be done at the owner’s expense.