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  • Sep 27 2018

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    Rabies in Ontario: what the public needs to know – an update for 2018

    What is the Risk of Rabies in Ontario? There have been 50 cases of rabies in Ontario since January 2018.  The majority of these are from raccoons, followed by skunks…

  • Sep 07 2018

    Purchasing a Puppy

    Purchasing a puppy or new dog is extremely exciting but is also a huge decision. When purchasing a new companion, it is important to know what breed best suits you,...
  • Aug 31 2018

    Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Happy

    Feed your cat well: feeding a well-balanced kibble (and / or canned food) is extremely important for the well-being of your cat. Obesity is the most common source of problems…

  • Aug 10 2018

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    The Difficult Decision: Pet Food

    As humans we are told that if we eat healthy and exercise we will live a long and healthy life, why would this statement be any different for our pets?…

  • Aug 02 2018

    What Happens at My Pet’s Annual Visit to the Doctor’s Office?

    We strongly recommend annual visits to the vet clinic for both cats and dogs.  Why might that be?  It’s not all about vaccines.  HISTORY TAKING Firstly, a technician and doctor…

  • Jul 05 2018

    Grooming; More than Just Looking Good

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Grooming: Do Brush your dog regularly and brush before bathing (if you bathe your dog before brushing – this can cause the mats to get…

  • Jun 22 2018

    Pets and Camping

    We view our pets as family members and it’s natural to wish to bring them on a family vacation.  Please take some time to plan ahead and determine whether camping…

  • Jun 22 2018

    How To Keep Your Pet Safe in the Hot Weather

    With summer (especially in Perth County) comes high temperatures, high humidity and the occasional heat wave. Pets are especially vulnerable to the heat and we see many cases of heat stroke in…

  • May 18 2018

    Preventing Anxiety for Dogs during Fireworks and Storms

    The May long weekend is here and we at Coventry Animal Hospital wish you and your pets a lovely, warm weekend!    Fireworks, as well as thunderstorms, may be a stressful…

  • May 16 2018

    Spring & Garden Pet Hazards

    Plants: They may smell and look amazing; however, that doesn’t mean they are safe for your pets. There are quite a lot of plants that can cause stomach upset or…