• Jan 24 2018

    January is National Train Your Dog Month!

    A well-trained dog is definitely something worth celebrating!  Dog training is a journey that is never done – there are always new skills to learn together.  You’re in a partnership…

  • Jan 10 2018

    January is Walk Your Dog Month

    Whether you made a resolution to shed extra pounds or you just want to get back into shape, January is the month of resolutions. Let your dog be the motivation…

  • Dec 13 2017

    Holiday Pet Safety Tips

      As the holidays approach, so do the hazards of Christmas. There are many ways to keep your fur baby safe this holiday season; below are a few things to…

  • Nov 23 2017

    Senior Pets

    What Does it Mean to be a ‘Senior’ Pet? In Veterinary medicine a “senior” is commonly used to describe an older pet. Cats and dogs are considered to be senior…

  • Nov 02 2017

    Feline & Canine Diabetes

    What is Diabetes? Diabetes is when your pet’s body either cannot produce enough insulin, or its body doesn’t allow it to use insulin properly. Causes Genetics – Diabetes can be…

  • Oct 23 2017

    Keeping Your Pets Safe this Halloween!

    Halloween is fun for everyone, but did you know that you could be risking your pet’s health in the process? Listed below are a few things to avoid this Halloween….

  • Oct 20 2017

    Toxicity in Animals

    This article is inspired by a recent 4-H Vet club talk. It’s the dose that makes the poison and anything can become toxic.  Something seemingly safe like water has a…

  • Oct 11 2017

    Pet Obesity: Is Your Pet Overweight?

    Did you know that according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), more that 45% of dogs and 58% of cats are classified as overweight or obese.  If you…

  • Sep 26 2017

    World Rabies Day

    Did you know that September 28th is World Rabies Day? This day is meant to raise awareness about Rabies and ultimately to prevent Rabies from occurring. Sadly, in many countries…

  • Jul 25 2017

    Keeping Your Pet Cool with Indoor Games

    Here are some suggestions that Dr. Justine has explored with her own pets: Play a game of “find it” – hide a favourite toy or treat somewhere in the house…