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  • Jul 11 2019

    What’s That Lump!?

    Is there a lump or growth on your pet?  Do you ever wonder what it may be and if it is something to be concerned about? Growths on our pets…

  • Jun 20 2019

    Heart Murmurs and Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs

    What is a Heart Murmur? When your veterinarian is listening to your dog’s heart, they are listening for the typical sounds a heart makes when it beats. These sounds represent…

  • Jun 06 2019

    Why Cats Scratch

    It is completely normal for cats to scratch. They aren’t doing it to bug you, or because they always hated that floral couch; they do it for a multitude of…

  • May 31 2019

    Why is Having a Pet Good for Your Health?

    June 2 through 8 is Pet Appreciation Week.  Coventry Animal Hospital wants to take a minute and celebrate our four-legged friends.  Cats and dogs provide us with many mental and…

  • May 23 2019

    How to Bring an Older Adopted Dog into the Household with Other Dogs

    Let’s say you already have a dog at home and you have made the decision to add another dog to the household – how wonderful!  Congratulations!  Dogs tend to be…

  • May 07 2019

    What is the Best Time to Neuter or Spay Your Pet?

      Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures that involve sterilizing cats and dogs, so that they can no longer reproduce.  These surgeries are performed on patients under general anesthesia.  Please…

  • Jan 23 2019

    January is National Train Your Dog Month!

    A well-trained dog is definitely something worth celebrating!  Dog training is a journey that is never done – there are always new skills to learn together.  You’re in a partnership…

  • Jan 02 2019

    Safe Travelling with Your Pets

    January 2nd is National Pet Travel Safety Day. If you are planning on travelling with your pet, whether driving a short visit to the vet clinic or taking your pet…

  • Nov 02 2018

    Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

    When adopting a new pet, most people will go looking for a younger dog to “save”, not realizing how much love and joy an older, senior dog can give them….

  • Oct 01 2018

    RVT Month

    What is an RVT? RVT stands for Registered Veterinary Technician. What does this mean? It means they have a Veterinary Technician diploma, and then have gone even further and done…